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As a homeowner, you’re well aware of how much time it takes to keep your home and property in good shape. A large part of property care is the health of your trees. Taking care of your trees is absolutely critical when it comes to maintaining a healthy, aesthetically pleasing lawn and home. Using the […]

Do you have trees that need to be removed from your home? It is not uncommon for powerful storms and winds to topple over trees onto your home. Disasters like these can cost you and your family a lot of money. The good news is that most or all of that damage can be easily […]

Wind storms are known to cause extensive damage to trees and shrubs and can be very dangerous. Downed branches and trees can damage property and pose additional risks to people and even pets. Hidden damages can go unnoticed until it is too late, making wind storms even more harmful. 5 Things You Need to Do […]

With the year already well into September, the days are getting shorter, the weather is changing and fall is quickly approaching — which can leave some homeowners wondering “should I prune my yard in preparation for fall, and if so, which plants and how much?” This guide will help you understand what and when to […]

The Pacific Northwest area typically gets around 27-30 wind storms per year. These storms can cause light damage to trees and buildings, but can also often cause severe wind damage due to short bursts of high-speed winds or long, strong sustained winds. Windstorms can last an hour to multiple days, and because these windstorms often […]

We all know trees can be affected by disease. But, did you know that if left untreated disease can spread throughout an entire tree and even to nearby trees? In severe cases, disease can kill off a tree. However, identifying diseased trees is not always easy. Diseased trees should always be treated by professionals, as it […]

When people envision hiring a local tree removal service, they often think they only need one when disaster strikes. Maybe there were high winds that ruined a tree, or a diseased tree needs to be removed. While tree removal services are important at these times, they can and should also be used at other times. […]

Evergreens are incredible and popular outdoor plants because they don’t lose their plump, lush, liveliness, even with the change of seasons. Though they are versatile and durable, they do still require care and maintenance in order to continue to be healthy, thriving plants. If they’re planted correctly, they don’t require too much maintenance. Caring For […]