The Pacific Northwest is known for its vast landscape of evergreen trees. With an abundance of trees comes an abundance of tree trimming, and trees in Washington are no different when it comes to maintenance. Now that spring has arrived, you may have noticed your trees are unkempt and unhealthy – not an ideal state for your tree or your property. To keep up on your tree maintenance, you probably need a tree service company to help you care for your trees and keep them healthy.

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Hiring the Best Tree Removal Service

Are you looking for the best tree removal service in Washington, but don’t know what questions to ask? If you need to find a quality tree service and are looking for the right company, consider these six tips before hiring a tree removal service this spring.

1. Check for a Work Contract

The best tree service companies will give you a work contract to verify that you are not liable for on-the-job accidents, damage to property, or injuries that may occur during the course of the tree removal. If the tree service company fails to provide either of these, you are at a great risk. Avoid trusting the company with your tree’s removal or your property – it could cost you a lot by the time the job is complete.

2. Research the Tree Service’s Credentials and Certifications

When you seek out a doctor, do you want a doctor who is trained in medicine? Of course you do! In the same manner, the best quality tree service provider has a certification as an arborist. Every worker for the service should have the skills needed to remove the trees safely and effectively. Make certain that the company will handle your tree removal with competence and care.

Inquire if the company has references from past customers. The best tree service business gladly shares its satisfied client contacts with you. Those satisfied customers will tell you how great the tree removal service is! If you have a different experience, pick a different company.

3. Examine the Plan for Tree Trimming or Removal

Once you have assessed your tree removal or tree trimming needs, you need to understand and agree with the tree service provider’s plan. Determine if the methods fit with your property and your need. For example, the company may plan to use heavy equipment that could cause damage to your lawn. Determine if that is acceptable to you or if they offer a collateral damage policy. A collateral damage policy recoups your costs for a damaged yard or other property.

Another consideration is how the best tree removal service in Washington cleans up during and after the job. Does the company have a plan to clear and clean at every stage of the process? The last thing you want is a tree removal service that leaves equipment and materials strewn about your yard.

4. Receive an Itemized and Detailed Estimate

You can get estimates from many different companies to help you decide which one is the best option financially for your tree removal or trimming. However, you will notice that some service providers choose not to include detailed estimates. The best tree removal service includes information about the amount of time the project will take, a description of what is included along every step of the service, and the total cost. This is the only way that you can accurately compare costs between companies. Avoid businesses that do not give you details about the job’s costs.

5. Determine If You Are Dealing With Professional People

When you meet the representatives of the tree service business, what is your first impression? If it is not a good one, you may want to consider choosing another tree removal service.

Check the company’s website. Is it up-to-date with credible information? Does the company have customer service representatives who treat you with respect and answer all of your questions? These are some of the important questions you need to ask when considering the professionalism of a tree removal service. Know that the best tree service providers have polished websites and professional staffers to answer all of your questions.

6. Look for Service After the Sale

Springtime is the best time to give trees the care that they need. You may not always need a tree removal, but the best tree service company can conduct a tree inspection to ensure your remaining trees are in healthy condition. An unhealthy tree can die and fall onto your home, vehicle, or even your neighbor’s house, which is why you want to check the health of your trees every year.

The best tree service inspection checks for wounds and disease in the roots. Professionals look at the tree’s color to see if it is ideal and if the wood is healthy. In addition to inspection, here are some spring tree care tips to help you maintain a healthy tree:

  • Look for dead branches. You may need to prune your tree, but never cut in excess of 25 percent of the foliage off at any one time.
  • Add some mulch. Mulch helps trees retain moisture and adds curb appeal. Mulching holds in soil’s moisture, minimizes weeds and helps to prevent mower damage. It also preserves organic matter in the soil.
  • Fertilize your tree. The right fertilizer can help your tree flourish, and a trained arborist will give you advice on the best fertilizer to use.
  • Irrigate your tree. Trees need water. The best tree service can advise you if your tree is not getting enough water.

Tree Service in Washington

Do you need a tree removal service in Washington? Precision Tree Service provides quality tree care at competitive rates. Count on us for your regular tree maintenance, as well as emergency removal services. Contact us to get a free estimate or submit a contact form. We will get back to you in a timely manner!

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