As a homeowner, you’re well aware of how much time it takes to keep your home and property in good shape. A large part of property care is the health of your trees. Taking care of your trees is absolutely critical when it comes to maintaining a healthy, aesthetically pleasing lawn and home. Using the right kind of pruning tools to care for the trees on your property is important, as they can either help or hurt your pruning efforts.


What Tree Pruning Tools Should You Use?

You may think that all you need to effectively prune your trees are a pair of hedge clippers, hand trimmers or a hand saw. However, there are dozens of different kinds of tree pruning tools that can be used on your trees. How are you supposed to know which tools are the best for your trees? Let’s take a look at a quick introduction to some of the most versatile and effective tree pruning tools.

tree pruning tool hand clipper

1. Hand Pruners

Hand pruners are one of the most common pruning tools you will see when people are trimming their trees and cleaning up their landscaping and garden. You can find hand pruners just about anywhere, and they come in all kinds of different styles for a variety of different trimming and pruning situations.

Ideally, you should use hand pruners when you need to prune tree limbs that are one inch or less in diameter. Sharp hand pruners will make the task of trimming and pruning those smaller branches and limbs seem like a breeze. A good set of hand pruners are sturdy and built to last for years of use.

pruning tools loppers

2. Loppers

Have you ever seen someone using a pair of tree loppers to prune their tree? When you need a tool a little bigger and heavy duty than a pair of hand pruners for trimming back your trees, you can take the next step up and use loppers.

Tree loppers are larger than hand pruners, so you’ll need two hands to use this tool and a bit more space in your garage or shed to store them.

Loppers provide a design that gives you more power and leverage. With the smaller design of the hand pruner, you can only get so much leverage on an unwanted branch. Loppers are larger and have a wider opening between the blades, and the longer handles give you enough leverage to trim branches that are up to two inches in diameter. Having a reliable pair of lopper in storage is a great tree pruning tool to have in your toolshed.

3. Pole Pruner

There are times during pruning when you aren’t able to reach the branches that need trimming. Instead of buying an industrial length ladder that can be used to climb up to those high-hanging branches, you can always get yourself a pole pruner,.

Pole pruning tools have a variety of benefits when it comes to pruning trees, and the primary benefit they provide is in their extensive reach. Pole pruners vary in length but are made long enough to allow you to reach and prune those high branches. This makes pruning much safer, so that you don’t have to climb high into trees with a shorter pruning tool.

If you have tall trees on your property that need pruning regularly, getting a pole pruner is a no-brainer. It will save you time and keep your feet on the ground for a safer pruning experience.

pruning saw tool

4. Pruning Saw

What about the heavier, thicker branches on trees that need pruning? Are there other tree pruning tools that are up to the challenge?

If you have any branches or limbs that are thicker or wider than three inches, you’re going to need a pruning tool that is up to the task. This is where pruning saws come into play. Pruning saws will give you the sharpness and leverage you need to cut into thick branches and sturdy pieces of bark on your trees.


Tree Pruning Experts

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