Evergreens are incredible and popular outdoor plants because they don’t lose their plump, lush, liveliness, even with the change of seasons. Though they are versatile and durable, they do still require care and maintenance in order to continue to be healthy, thriving plants. If they’re planted correctly, they don’t require too much maintenance.

Caring For Your Evergreen Shrubs

But because evergreens can seem like the universal super-shrub that can endure anything, it is easy to let them go neglected. Uncared for evergreens can end up unhealthy, or even dead. Let’s go over some tips to make sure that you take care of your evergreen shrubs so they can thrive throughout the year and beyond.

Plant Your Evergreen Shrubs In An Appropriate Place

The first step to cultivating a lasting evergreen shrub is to find the proper place to plant it. Evergreens are durable, but can suffer from the drying winds of winter or the burning sun of summer.

Place your evergreen shrubs where they won’t be exposed to the sun and the cold on a constant, daily basis; placing your evergreen plant behind a tall structure that can block out the wind and sun for a good portion of the day is a wise location for your beautiful shrubs. This way they’ll get a good amount of exposure while maintaining their lively equilibrium.

Make Sure Your Shrub Is Watered

When you first decide to plant a new evergreen shrub, you must remember that they absolutely need water. A hydrated, happy evergreen shrub will be more resistant to the freezing cold of winter and the burning heat of summer.

An evergreen shrub that isn’t thirsty is going to thrive and grow beautifully, so when you water your evergreens make sure you water them deeply. Don’t be afraid to give them a good soak! Do this every other day so that your plants are getting at least an inch of water a week. Don’t even neglect to water your evergreens in the winter – it might be cold, but the winter is a dry season and the lack of water could mean death for your plants if you neglect to water them.

Keep Your Evergreen Shrubs Fed and Fertilized

When it comes to fertilizing your evergreen, make sure that you take it easy and gradually give your shrub its nutrients. Evergreens grow slowly and steadily, and will absorb the nutrients they need from the soil. If you are able, test to see if your soil is acidic or basic: a basic soil will make it harder for an evergreen shrub to absorb the nutrients it needs from the earth.

If you do need to add fertilizer – especially in the case of a depleted soil source – never add your fertilizer directly into the hole where you planted your evergreen. You don’t want to over acidify the ground that you are trying to cultivate. Instead, you should either lightly fertilize the soil and monitor the growth of your evergreen, or use a well balanced slow release fertilizer. This strategy will gently feed your plants over time.

Do some research and look up fertilizers that benefit your outdoor evergreen, or find a fertilizer that is specific to evergreens. It’s a very popular shrub, so there will be products dedicated to its growth and development.

Watch The Shrubs Development

Always observe your evergreen shrubs after you plant them. If they start to grow out of hand, give your shrub a trim. If you think that they are getting pale or seem sickly, get them green and lively again. Touch the needles and see if they’re drying out. There is nothing a plant loves more than to be cared for and have attention paid to it.  

Need Another Green Thumb?

If you feel like you are not able to dedicate some time to your evergreens, there are people who would love to help you. Sometimes its best to get lawn and shrub help from people who have made a career out of taking care of your plants. If you live in Northwest Washington, the professionals at Precision Tree Service will take care of all your evergreen shrub needs. They are talented, patient and skilled experts in the care of your shrubbery.

Contact us today for more information on our services or to schedule some evergreen maintenance.

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