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Are there trees or branches getting in the way or your million dollar view of the Puget Sound? Most properties in the Pacific Northwest enjoy a beautiful view of mountains, rivers, or the Sound, no matter where you are located. But sometimes our lush forests can get a little bit too lush and begin blocking our views.

While we firmly believe that the trees we enjoy in the Seattle area are beautiful and special, we also know that trees in the wrong places or trees that have low aesthetic value can really ruin the view. For many of us, the view is our favorite part of our property!

View improvement tree care services offer a variety of ways to clear your view of plant life. Here are some of the most common means we use to provide view enhancement for our Snohomish and Skagit County neighbors.

Tree Removal

Sometimes, the best option for improving your property view is to remove trees. Old trees, trees that have been damaged, or trees that are simply in the way can be removed entirely in order to open up your property space and allow you to finally get the view you’ve been longing for.

Tree removal for view enhancement is a common practice among homeowners. Our forests and trees grow so rapidly in the Pacific Northwest that even smaller trees that are not currently impeding the view may need to be removed.

When our crew comes to visit your property, we’ll discuss your goals. What trees do you want removed? What would you like to be able to see from your patio/deck/kitchen windows? We’ll cater our services to offer the best view possible.

Tree Pruning and ‘Windowing’

Sometimes the best way to improve your view is to retain the trees, but thin the branches. Pruning out heavy limbs that directly obstruct your view — for instance, that thick limb that hangs directly in front of your living room window — allows homeowners to keep loved trees while still getting a view of the Cascades. Pruning services can be extensive or minimal, according to the preferences of the property owner.

Another form of tree pruning is ‘windowing’. This practice removes specific and carefully selected limbs to create a ‘window’ view through the trees, keeping the upper and lower branches intact. This opens up viewing spaces, yet keeps the structural integrity of the tree intact. In fact, pruning can be very healthy for trees when done by a professional, and it can even contribute to longer life in trees. Older trees with heavy limbs can benefit from the diminished weight. For younger trees, removing the suckers (smaller branches growing from large branches) not only opens up more space in the tree, but it can also prevent the growth of hazardous limbs in later years.

View Enhancement tree removal

Crown Reduction

When the trees are simply getting too tall and obstructing your view with their crowns, it’s time for a crown reduction service. Crown reduction is a tricky job — do it wrong, and you’ve got a tree that looks ridiculous, and worse, has had its health severely damaged.

Crown reduction must be done very carefully in order to maintain health and a natural look for the tree. Specific branches are cut to reduce height. Side branches may also be cut to help maintain a natural appearance.

Keep in mind that, depending on the type of tree and it’s growth rate, you may need to obtain crown reduction services multiple times over the coming years. We’ll offer advice to you on how and what to trim, and whether waiting until the tree has grown higher (so that pruning and ‘windowing’ may be performed) might be the wiser choice.

Skirt Raising for View Enhancement

Sometimes your perfect view isn’t obscured by towering cedars, but rather, the low hanging branches of oaks, pine, or other trees. Rather than removing your trees entirely, we can help you get your dream view simply by removing the low-hanging branches to create a cleared space. This is a practice often used when the view of the property is of a valley, river, or other beautiful scenery that is below your home, deck, or patio.

This added height can also help smaller yards feel more open and spacious, as well as allow greater light to filter into the area. For extremely shady yards that are experiencing sparse grass growth, allowing this additional light to enter the area can help improve lawn growth.

View Enhancement seattle

Enhance Your Home or Property View with Precision Tree Services

Our locally-owned company has years of experience working with multi-million dollar properties to enhance views through careful and artistic tree pruning, skirt raising, crown reduction, and tree removal.

We’ve worked with properties in Everett, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Anacortes, and the islands. Whether your view is of the mountains, the Sound, rivers, or the beautiful valleys of our area, Precision Tree Services is the tree service company you need. All of our crew members are native to this area and familiar with the types of trees prolific here, as well as the common hazards of the PNW when landscaping and operating large machinery (wet earth, erosion, mudslides, etc).

We’d love to partner with you to make your home or property even more breathtaking with our careful, artistic tree care services. Contact our team today to get a free quote or to learn more about our services.

Note: We will only cut trees that are on your property. Trees on state property, neighboring property, or that are the property of an entity other than yourself or your business cannot be pruned or removed without written and verbal consent.

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