Trees are beautiful, tall, majestic, mysterious and they add a lot of character to your yard and your home. But there are times when having a beautiful tree can become an inconvenience, and even a life-threatening problem.


Time For Emergency Tree Removal

It might have come out of nowhere, or you might have realized that maybe the branches were getting too long, reaching out like arms, creepy wooden fingers hanging down and just ready to drop. Perhaps your tree was hit by a storm and you have branches hanging off in splinters. Maybe you’ve experienced a tornado or a hurricane and your beautiful tree that once stood tall and broad has been ripped up by the roots. These are some clear signs that you need emergency tree removal.

emergency tree services

Dealing With Overgrowth

You have to admit: a tree is as beautiful as its branches. But when they start to grow out and grow over, spilling into your neighbor’s yard, hanging down close enough to touch the ground, it’s time to consider emergency tree removal services. A tree will grow as long as it has the space to expand itself, and if you let it go too long and too unruly, it can take advantage of your property.

It can seem easy to get a chainsaw and attempt to tackle the wildness of the foliage by yourself. But without proper training and supplies, trying to trim overgrown branches can be dangerous and frustrating. The thick arms of the tree might be impossible for you to remove with your own hand. They might be too high up. Or, you could be in danger of having the branches fall on you the minute that you snap them off.


Lightning Strikes…Often

Reaching up to the sky, a tree can also be reaching up to disaster. They are magnets for lightning strikes, and even if your tree has been there for 200 years, one bolt can tear, splinter and rip your tree apart. Not only does that make it unattractive to look at, but it can also be a danger to yourself, your friends and your family. Don’t put yourself at risk of having a wayward branch crack and fall on you! One zap of lightning can kill a healthy tree in an instant. Lightning strikes might not hit you, but commonly target tall trees.


When Nature Attacks

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and bad rain storms are notorious culprits for damaging trees, property, and putting people in danger. Have you ever seen a tree ripped up from the roots by a hurricane or strong winds? It’s not pretty and could cause extreme damage to your home and your family. Plus, the aftercare is a nightmare. It’s not an easy task to take a chainsaw and chop up a gigantic tree, piece by piece from the trunk to the tips of its branches by yourself. Also, you would have to figure out where to take all that wood after you were finished. A good emergency tree removal service will take care of all that for you.

Even if it wasn’t torn from the ground, natural disasters can turn beautiful trees into serious hazards. Maybe the tree hasn’t been knocked over completely, but it’s hanging at a precarious angle. The branches are gently brushing your roof, warning you that it could fall through at any moment. Consider an emergency tree removal service before any harm is done.


Keep It Neat

Have you ever seen a big old tree that was a part of your life, and then one day it just seems like the flowers no longer grow on it in the spring? Sometimes the unforeseen can happen and a tree can die without explanation or expectation. The trunk and the branches become dry and brittle and what was once a lush addition to your yard has become a depressing eyesore.

If this is the case for you, then you need to get it out of there! Holding onto something that has lived past its prime is unnecessary and can be potentially dangerous. Plus, if you use an emergency tree service to get rid of that old, dead tree, it gives you the space to cultivate something new, lively and beautiful in your yard and in your home.


Emergency Tree Removal For You

When it comes to trees, if you are experiencing any of these common scenarios or any others, then consider an emergency tree removal service. Here at Precision Tree Services, we are happy to help you ease this frustration and keep your family and property safe. Contact us today for more information!

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