Brush Removal Service

Brush removal services help you remove any unwanted undergrowth from your yard or garden. If you have unwanted brush in your outdoor area, and you want to take advantage of the space you have available, brush removal services are the answer.

Removing mature, well-rooted brush is not an easy task. Digging out undergrowth with a shovel takes a huge amount of time and physical work, unless you have the appropriate machinery for the job. Blackberry thickets or ‘sticker bushes’ and Japanese knotweed are especially tenacious invaders. For these types of brush removal projects, heavy machinery, such as a brush wrangler, will be required to effectively remove the undergrowth.

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Our Brush Removal Services

At Precision Tree Services, we offer residential and commercial brush removal services. We are equipped with the tools and the knowledge necessary to remove overgrown brushwood from your outdoor space. Undergrowth, brambles, and brushwood can quickly become a problem as they spread rapidly and can take up a lot of space. They also take away nutrients from the other plants and trees in your yard or garden.

In order to thoroughly remove brush, you need to expose and remove all the roots in order to prevent the brush from growing back. Removing brush is almost impossible without the right equipment — and that’s where we come in!

Oversized Brush Can Quickly Become a Hassle

Thanks to our cool, wet climate, rush, and undergrowth in Skagit and Snohomish Counties grows at an alarming rate, and they can quickly take over large spaces in your yard, garden, or fields. If brush gets out of hand, it can cause costly damages to your property, or become a liability if you want to sell your house.

Undergrowth and brushwood can damage your outdoor living spaces if they get too big. Some common types of damage caused by overgrown brambles and brush include:

  • Property Damage – Patios, concrete pads, brick or cobbled paths, and rockeries can be broken and cracked by oversized undergrowth.
  • Decrease in Home Value – Home buyers see brush as a problem because they have to get them removed and prepare the land if they want to expand. This is especially true of blackberry bushes, Japanese knotweed, and other invasive plant species.
  • Aesthetic AppealUndergrowth and brushwood take up a lot of space that can be used to plant other trees, or even to host a small orchard.
  • Brush is too Close to Fence or BuildingUndergrowth and brushwood can develop complex rooting systems, and can damage areas like crawl spaces or fences around your house. Moonflower and ivy have been known to penetrate foundations of homes.
  • Don’t Allow Other Plants to ThriveBrush is known for taking up way more nutrients than other plants. Having brush means your other plants will not grow as quickly or as healthy.

Preventing Your Undergrowth and Brushwood from Getting Out of Control

Precision Tree Services provides professional brush removal services throughout the Skagit and Snohomish County areas. Don’t let your undergrowth and brushwood become a problem. Hire professional help to remove undergrowth and brush from your property. Brush removal offers the following benefits:

An Asset to Your Landscaping: Removing brush can become an asset to your landscape. Undergrowth and brush or not often visually attractive and can obscure views or prevent the growth of desired plants. Removing brush can also make your backyard feel and look more spacious.

Creating Paths: Have some property that you’d like to explore, but can’t because of the thick undergrowth? Our brush removal services can create new paths, helping you better enjoy and utilize your property.

Clearing Areas for Construction: Extra property space is a valuable resource for expansion projects, but undergrowth and brushwood often get in the way. Precision Tree Services can help you remove any unwanted undergrowth and brushwood, and clear space for new gardens, patios, buildings, and more.

Saves You Valuable Time: Digging and uprooting brush can take days, especially if you’re doing it by hand. For thick brush, DIY brush removal is virtually impossible. Hire a professional brush removal services for a quick and effective solution to your brush problem.

If you need professional brush removal services for landscaping or expansion needs, give us a call today. Our team of qualified specialists will be more than happy set up an appointment and get rid of the brush in your yard or garden.