Crown Raising Services in Snohomish And Skagit County


Have a tree in your way that’s kind of annoying? Low hanging branches blocking your view? But you don’t want to cut down the tree — so what can you do?

At Precision Tree Services, instead of removing your tree, we can do a process called crown raising (also known as skirt raising.) This service keeps your tree looking natural and beautiful, and prevents those low branches from whacking people, cars, or inhibiting visibility. Low branches can also make it difficult to mow the lawn beneath the tree and give the yard a cluttered appearance. Crown raising is a simple and inexpensive way to increase curb side appeal to your home.

About Crown Raising

The crown raising is a perfectly healthy option for your trees — if it is done correctly. Our professional tree care experts know the correct way to remove limbs as they raise the crown. As we work, we make sure that we only trim enough branches to successfully lift the crown from the ground, but not so much that the tree is weakened. We also keep an eye to maintain the natural shape of the tree, so that the finished result is beautiful as well as functional.

Before we get to work, we’ll meet with you to discuss your goals and desires for the tree. We want to make sure that you are happy with the results. Following our work, we will remove the trimmed branches and debris from your yard, so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your new tree!

Caution Against DIY Crown Raising

We recommend that homeowners avoid crown raising themselves. Too much trimming can damage the tree, and imbalanced trimming can cause too much stress on the tree trunk. These actions will result in cracking and weakening of the tree trunk. Removing too many lower branches can even result in sprouting on the trunk and remaining limbs.

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Our Crown Raising Services

At Precision Tree Services, we use state of the art handheld equipment to trim your trees quickly and with precision. Our experienced crews will ensure that not only is your tree made more functional and beautiful, it also remains healthy and strong. We are happy to provide our tree care services throughout the Snohomish County Area.

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