Crown Reduction in Snohomish and Skagit County

Tree crown reduction is an important service for homeowners, especially those within city limits. Some trees become a problem because of height when they grow too closely to power lines, structures, or simply becomes unattractively tall. This problem should be solved with crown reduction services.


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By tree crowning, we are able to safely decrease the overall height and size of the tree. This is done by removing the ends of branches evenly throughout the tree, leaving a balanced and natural appearance.

Many of our clients can be confused about our tree crowning services, believing that what they actually need is ‘tree topping.’ At Precision Tree Service we don’t recommend topping trees, preferring to use the safe and effective crown reduction methods instead.

Crown Reduction vs. Tree Topping

Crown reduction involves the skill of a certified arborist. Certain branches will be selected to be trimmed from the tree in order to diminish the height and make the tree more safe. However, these trimmed branches will not affect the aesthetic appeal of the tree, as the tree trimming team carefully removes only the branches keep its natural appearance while decreasing the size of its crown.

Tree topping, on the other hand, is a method that generally refers to cutting off the top of the tree by removing the highest branches and trunk area. Topping a tree may reduce its height quickly, but it creates other issues that will not only harm your tree, but could possibly prove to be dangerous for any nearby structures.

Not only does this fail to maintain a balanced shape for the tree, it is also very damaging to the health of the tree. The stress caused by suddenly losing its crown can lead to insecure branches that may fall and damage property, decreased immunity to diseases and pests, and may even cause the tree to die.

Our tree specialists are all experienced with tree crown reduction services, and know exactly how to solve your problem, while also keeping your tree healthy and beautiful.


Why is Tree Crown Reduction Performed?

Crown reduction is the proper method to use because it creates a natural appearance, retains a tree’s structure, prevents parasitic and fungal attack, and minimizes tree stress.

Tree crown reduction can be done for various reasons. Some of these include:

  • Reducing the weight on limbs and branches
  • Reducing the wind sail and shape of the tree
  • Making the tree safer and less prone to damage from wind, rain, and soil conditions
  • Keeping the tree size within a limited space to enhance the view
  • Preventing the tree from coming too close to sensitive structures, such as power lines or phone lines

Crown reduction procedures that are performed incorrectly can also kill or disfigure a tree. It’s important to note that no more than 25%-33% of a tree can be removed in one year. This is why it is recommended that only experienced specialists are consulted who use these best tree management practices. This way your trees will retain their structural integrity and beauty.

Call our office today to discuss the tree care requirements for your property, or fill out the form to the right to contact us for a free consultation. Our professional tree care company serves all of Snohomish County, and would love to help you with your project or need.

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