Emergency Tree Removal in Anacortes

The wet, windy weather conditions in Washington can be hard on our trees, sometimes damaging or uprooting them completely. At Precision Tree Services, we offer emergency tree removal services to families and businesses throughout Anacortes.


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About Precision Tree Services

Precision Tree Services has been providing emergency tree removals in Anacortes for the past twenty five years. Our trained staff are ISA certified and have extensive experience and training in handling urgent tree removal situations. We work quickly and efficiently to protect your home and property from experiencing unnecessary damage.

Unlike our competitors, we can handle most insurance claim processes, and are licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

We offer emergency removal services for a number of different scenarios, including:

1. Fallen Limb or Tree Removal

The limbs and trunks of fallen trees can shift and slide unpredictably, making the process of removing them dangerous. Safety is our number one priority, followed by speed and efficiency. Our team of trained workers can quickly remove the debris of any fallen tree or tree limb to reduce and prevent further damage to your property.

2. Cracked Trees

While cracked trees may not seem like an immediate problem, they do pose a serious threat. Cracked trees are exposed to the elements and experience rot and internal decay, weakening the structure and interior of the tree. These trees or limbs may not need a windy day for them to give out — they could fall at any moment.

If a tree on your Anacortes property has large cracks in the trunk or main limbs, we can help you remove this threat. Because parts of the tree are weak, it has unusual stress points that only a professional can identify. For potentially hazardous situations, contact our emergency tree removal services immediately at (888)741-5020. If you would like assistance in analyzing your tree’s condition, we can give you a free consultation to help you decide how your tree should be dealt with.

3. Threatening Trees

While the tree’s condition may not problematic, it’s location and position can pose a threat. Trees that have grown taller than the structure, have branches close to windows, or that are showing signs of age can quickly become a risk to your home and property. Our tree removal services can remove the tree or branches that pose a potential problem to your home.

Contact Precision Tree Services

If your tree is at risk of damaging your Anacortes home or property, you can contact our emergency tree removal services by calling us at (888)741-5020. For more information about our standard services, feel free to fill out our contact form or shoot us an email. We would happy to talk with you about how to restore the safety and security of the trees on your property.

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