Emergency Tree Removal in Burlington

Windstorms, heavy rain, and even snow has been known to weaken and damage Burlington trees. If you fear that your home or property is at risk because of a precarious tree, our emergency tree removal services here at Precision Tree Services can help you eliminate the danger.


Fallen Limb / Tree Removal

Even small trees can be astonishingly heavy, causing significant damage despite seemingly small limbs. Once broken free from it’s secure foundation, fallen trees and limbs can be very precarious and destructive. Because we know that fallen limbs can shift at any moment, our team at Precision Tree Services is intentional about making safety our highest priority.

Our technicians have the proper skill, training, and equipment necessary to safely and efficiently remove the tree from your property before any more damage is done.

Cracked Trees

Some tree cracks are minor and are no cause for concern. The size, location, and condition of the crack, however, will tell how healthy and strong the tree truly is. Large or diseased cracks can leave the tree weak and unable to support its own weight. When a strong windstorm sweeps in or heavy snow rests on its trunk and limbs, the tree can unexpectedly give way.

If you see any large cracks in your tree’s main trunk or major limbs, contact your local tree service for an immediate inspection. At Precision Tree Services, we can inspect your Burlington trees and provide guidance as to whether or not the crack poses any threat and how to address the problem.

Threatening Trees

Large, heavy limbs that lean out over the top of your home or extend near fragile glass windows pose a threat to your building. Aged trees, trees that show signs or disease or decay are all trees that can pose a threat. Should a heavy rain, strong winds, or other storm conditions arise, the results can be severe.

While our technicians at Precision Tree Services love to help clients find ways to keep their trees strong and healthy, there are times when the risks of leaving a tree alone are simply too great. Our experienced team can carefully remove these trees to ensure that your home and property are out of harm’s way.

Why Precision Tree Services?

Not many tree services in the Burlington area offer emergency tree removal services. Fewer still provide the quality of services our technicians demonstrate at every visit.

Even in emergency situations, our team understands that tree removal is a dangerous process that must be handled efficiently and wisely. We make it our goal to prevent as much property damage as possible during the tree removal process, and this includes use and placement of our machinery and where we direct falling limbs or debris. With over 25 years of experience and ISA certifications, our technicians can offer the experience, skill, and expertise necessary to see the job well done.

To learn more about our other services, such as tree removal, crown raising, stump grinding, and lot clearing, contact us today by filling out our contact form.  

To contact our emergency tree removal services, call us directly at (888)-477-5709.

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