Emergency Tree Removal in Concrete

Wind and rain storms here in Concrete, WA can have very serious consequences. The torrential wind can cause trees and tree limbs to fall on cars, power lines, homes, and even people passing by.

Removing this debris is often a tedious, dangerous process, requiring the expertise of experienced tree removal professionals like those at Precision Tree Services. We offer reliable, safe, and quick emergency tree removal to our neighbors and businesses throughout Concrete.


Why Call Precision Tree Services

The only way to efficiently and safely address an emergency tree situation is to contact professional technicians with the right equipment and training. At Precision Tree Services, we have over 25 years of tree care experience. Our team is trained and ISA certified and is experienced in dealing with emergency situations. With safety as our highest priority, Precision Tree Services is committed to protecting your home and property 24/7. Unlike our competitors, we can handle almost any insurance claim processes.

In order to ensure that you are provided with safe and professional tree removal services, contact our Skagit County emergency tree services directly by calling (360)-209-1373.

Emergency Tree / Limb Removal

The heavy wind and rain that comes through Concrete, WA can cause heavy trees and thick limbs to fall at unpredictable times. But these situations have many other unseen dangers. Because of their incredible weight, and because they are no longer being supported by a sturdy trunk or roots, these trees or limbs can shift or crack at any moment. This makes removing the trees unpredictable and dangerous.

Our technicians at Precision Tree Services have experience in analyzing and approaching emergency tree removal situations. We take the utmost care to ensure that your property and surroundings are kept safe during the removal and that no further damage is caused in the process.

Cracked Trees

While a tree may not have collapsed yet, cracked trees can be closer to falling than you think. Trees can either become cracked by something external, like a lightening strike or strong winds, or age and disease can damage their internal structure.

In any case, a cracked tree means trouble. Without the full strength of the tree to support it’s own weight, the tree can collapse at any given moment, destroying property and threatening anyone nearby.

If you have identified cracks in your tree, contact our tree removal company immediately and ask for a free consultation. A technician will be able to provide you with a thorough inspection of the tree and advise if the tree may be saved or if emergency removal services will be necessary.

Threatening Trees

Many Concrete homeowners are threatened by the placement or shape of trees on their property. Some of the ways a tree can pose a threat to your property includes:

  • Large tree(s) are near the house or property
  • Limbs overhanging the house or property
  • Limbs stretching near windows
  • The tree is diseased, decaying, or aged

Homeowners that are concerned about the safety of their property can contact our Concrete emergency tree services. One of our certified technicians will come out to inspect the tree and, if necessary, can begin emergency removal immediately.

During the removal process, our team is sure to keep the safety of your property in mind. While efficiently removing any threatening limbs or trees, we are intentional about strategizing and anticipating how best to remove the tree to protect your home and property.

Contact Us

Bad weather can hit the Pacific Northwest and Concrete, WA at any given moment. If you are facing an emergency tree situation or are worried about some cracked or threatening trees on your property, contact our professional tree removal services today.

For our emergency services, call (360)-209-1373 immediately. To set up a free consultation, contact us at (888)-520-2085, or fill out our contact form.

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