Emergency Tree Removal in Granite Falls

Though the Pacific Northwest does not face off with inclement weather patterns like hurricanes and tornadoes, we do occasionally have storms. When a seasonal wind storm occurs, it often delivers extensive destruction to properties all through the Greater Seattle area, even extending up to Granite Falls. While spring and fall months are the most common time periods for wind storms, emergency tree removal services may be required at any point in the year, and Precision Tree Service’s dependable tree removal service has worked in the area for years.


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Our local, family-owned business has offered same-day emergency tree removal services for property owners in the Granite Falls area in need of urgent tree care. Our family has had a presence in this industry for over 25 years, and our broad experience, care for detail, and firm requirements for top-notch work from all of our team members guarantees our capability to handle any and all emergency issues. In contrast to most of our competitors, we can also accept nearly any insurance claim processes for our clients.

Fallen Tree and Limb Removal

Trees than have fallen are some of the most difficult and hazardous trees to work with. Split trunks can unexpectedly shift, potentially causing your property to incur further damage. Safety and cautiousness reign as our top priorities when handling a fallen tree removal. When our team arrives at the scene, regardless of where or how the fallen tree is positioned, we efficiently remove the tree and debris in a way that keeps any damage that your property has already incurred to an absolute minimum.

Cracked Trees

Cracked trees are can be exponentially more dangerous than fallen ones. Trees that have cracked may fall at any time, and they pose a true hazard to homeowners as well as the nearby property. What’s more, cracked trees don’t always need a storm or strong winds to fall; they can unexpectedly break even on temperate, sunny days during fair weather conditions.

Cracked trees frequently conceal even deeper internal damage. The unstable inner structure of the tree can put additional weight or stress in unexpected places that only an experienced arborist or professional tree removal expert can identify or anticipate.

For homeowners with trees on their property in which they have recognized cracks, buckling, or related symptoms of stress, we encourage you to call us for a free consultation. Our crew will pose authentic, practical counsel on whether the tree on your property represents a threat and how soon you may need to address it. If you do choose to recruit our team for a tree removal on your Granite Falls property, we offer you our guarantee that our team will efficiently and carefully remove the tree without damage to your property.

Threatening Trees

Have you noticed a tree that is leaning or growing close to your house, power lines, or other property? It’s recommended to foresee and prevent damage to your property through proactive measures, as opposed to waiting for the aftermath to do something about the tree. Examples of threatening trees include trees which have grown too close to the home or vulnerable buildings, limbs that are dangerously close to a window, and cracked trees that display signs of old age or disease.

If you have a concern about the trees on your property, fret not – our team is prepared to provide a free consultation. We can visit your Granite Falls home to scope out the trees in question and give you our best, honest advice. Threatening trees in narrow areas are no trouble at all for us. We’ve invested in state of the art gear and the absolute top teams so that we are capable of dropping a tree or limbs in precise, targeted, and safe areas. Our team members are efficient, cautious, and dependable. Frequently, our customers remark that we leave their property in superior condition than when we had arrived!

Contact our office to set up a free consultation or to request our emergency same-day tree removal services. Our team and our family would be honored to be your tree removal team.

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