Emergency Tree Removal in La Conner

On the news, we hear about golf ball-sized hailstones and devastating tornadoes that have ravaged properties. Thankfully, here in La Conner, Washington, we don’t normally get such extreme weather. But there is one weather condition that we do see quite often – wind.


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The wind storms that blow through La Conner can cause devastating amounts of damage to trees and property. When emergency tree removal is needed, Precision Tree Services is the tree care company to call.

For the past 25 years, our team of highly trained and ISA certified staff have provided La Conner with professional and reliable tree removal services. Even when emergencies arise, we are always available to address your most urgent tree care needs. Additionally, unlike many of our competitors, we can handle almost any insurance claim process.

Threatening Trees

Because trees grow and change steadily over time, we often don’t realize that they are threatening our property until the problem is staring us in the face.

Some trees grow to be quite tall, looming over buildings and homes. Trees that are cracked, damaged, diseased, or that simply have limbs hanging too close to your windows can quickly become a threat to your home during a storm.

Our team has extensive experience identifying and handling these threatening trees. After responding swiftly to a call for emergency tree services, our crew will carefully and efficiently remove the tree, being cautious to ensure that no tree limbs damage your property in the process.

Fallen Limb / Tree Removal

Fallen trees or tree limbs are some of the most dangerous and unpredictable situations a tree removal company can face. No longer being held together by a strong trunk and solid roots, the limbs can shift and slide at any moment, threatening to cause further damage to your property. These unpredictable movements can also jeopardize the safety of those nearby.

When handling an emergency tree removal, our greatest concern is always safety. After analyzing the tree’s condition and placement, our team will skillfully and carefully remove the debris and eliminate the threat.

Cracked Trees

While cracked trees are a bit more manageable than a fallen limb or tree, they are no more safe or predictable. With intense weight resting on the crack, there is always the chance that the tree will drop at any given moment. Some cracks are minor and pose little risk to the tree, while others will fully compromise its integrity.

To determine whether or not your cracked tree is of any threat to your home or property, contact our emergency tree services team for a free consultation. One of our trained technicians can quickly give you a thorough rundown of the tree’s condition and offer some guidance as to what the best course of action could be. If the tree must be removed, Precision Tree Services can ensure that this is done quickly and carefully without causing any further damage to your property.

Contact Precision Tree Emergency Services

At Precision Tree Services, our ultimate goal is to provide families in La Conner with simple, fast, and reliable tree services. Trees are beautiful and majestic, but when they pose a threat to your property, our team of skilled, certified, and experienced workers is ready to address your emergency tree needs.

To contact our emergency tree services, call us directly at (888)477-5709. To schedule a free property consultation or to ask a question about our services, contact us today by filling out our contact form.

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