Emergency Tree Removal in Marysville

The windstorms and thunderstorms that come through Marysville are capable of causing tremendous amounts of damage. Trees that once seemed strong and healthy can fall unexpectedly, destroying property and threatening anyone nearby. At Precision Tree Service, we provide fast, careful emergency tree removal services in Marysville to handle destruction caused by falling trees and tree limbs.


Fallen Tree / Limb Removal

Fallen tree limbs can be dangerous. Not only can they rest on delicate surfaces like rooftops, cars, and power lines, but they can also shift, slide, and roll at any given moment. The task of removing fallen limbs or trunks requires careful planning, specialized equipment, and a skilled team.

At Precision Tree Service, we have over 25 years of experience handling emergency tree removal situations. Our team is ISA certified and trained to provide careful and efficient services even in the most dire circumstances. Unlike most of our competitors, our office can handle almost any insurance claim processes.

Threatening Trees

The trees on your Marysville property don’t have to have already fallen or cracked to pose a threat to your safety. Their very presence, whether due to location or size, can jeopardize your home during severe weather conditions. Some situations include:

  • Tree limbs extending near windows.
  • Large limbs extended over the top of a house.
  • Trees too close to valuable property.
  • Trees that are diseased or showing signs of decay.
  • Trees that are aged and becoming brittle.

These trees may not look dangerous, but any amount of intense wind, rain, or snow, could be all it takes to put your property in harm’s way. By scheduling a free consultation with one of our tree experts, you can get a professional analysis of your trees and consider alterations to the trees on your property.

Cracked Trees

Cracks in trees can appear for a number of reasons. Whether it was too much weight on a limb, a terrifying lightning strike, or just a split to due misplaced weight over time, these cracks can allow moisture, rot, and disease to damage the tree. When this happens, the tree is weakened and can collapse at any point.

If your Marysville tree has large, visible cracks appearing in its main limbs or trunk, there’s only one way to know if the problem is serious: contact an expert. By arranging for a free consultation with a professional tree removal technician, you can get a diagnosis of your tree’s condition and determine what the next step is. For some cracks, there are remedies and solutions to encourage the tree to heal. Sometimes, however, the disease and damage is too extensive and the tree should be removed.

Contact Precision Tree Service

There are a number of Marysville tree services that you could contact in an emergency. What sets Precision Tree Service apart is our dedication to providing reliable, timely, quality services while protecting your property from any additional damage. Many tree removal companies roll in with heavy equipment and hastily remove the tree, causing more damage in the process and jeopardizing the safety of those nearby.

At Precision Tree Service, our team is comprised of highly trained and experienced workers that put the safety of your residents and property first. To contact our emergency tree removal services, call (888)-520-2085. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, contact us today by filling out our contact form.

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