Emergency Tree Removal in Mill Creek

Mill Creek doesn’t see much by way of extreme storms, but area homeowners are no strangers to intense weather. In the late fall and through the winter, dark clouds gather, the wind picks up, and catastrophic storm damage often finds its way into the forecast. However, harsh weather can happen at any time of the year, and you may fine yourself especially in need of emergency tree removal. If you are facing a fallen tree, the removal experts at Precision Tree Service are ready and equipped to serve you.

Emergency Tree Removal Mill Creek

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We provide emergency tree removals on the day you call—no time will be wasted as we restore your property to a safe and clean living space. With over 25 years experience, our highly trained staff are prepared to remove any fallen tree or limb efficiently and safely. Also, unlike other tree removal companies, we can process almost any insurance claim, allowing you to clear your property without breaking the bank.

Areas we serve include:

Fallen Tree/Limb Removal

In the aftermath of a windstorm, you will find broken limbs and fallen trees littering the yard. While it is tempting to fire up the chainsaw and take care of business. But wind damaged trees can be extremely dangerous to handle, and a broken trunk can shift without warning, potentially causing more harm to your home and even injuring you. When we begin removing a fallen tree or limb, our highest priority is safety. We will approach the tree with caution, assess the situation, and remove the debris with caution so not to cause any further damage whatsoever.

Cracked Trees

Cracked trees are one of the most dangerous post-storm problems. They may seem harmless, if not unattractive, but a crack can cause a tree to fall unexpectedly, even if the current weather is clear with blue skies. Once the inner structure of a tree is damaged, only professionals can properly assess where exactly the major stresses lie and where the tree might crack next. At Precision Tree Service, we take great efforts in tree removal to ensure that it does not cause further damage as we work.

Property owners should keep a close eye on their trees after a storm. If a tree shows signs of structural damage or deep cracks on the trunk, do not hesitate to call us for a free consultation. We will survey the damage and provide guidance regarding what to do next. In some cases, the tree will live and can remain in place. Others may pose a serious threat to the safety of your home and family, and we will deal with it appropriately. It’s important to quickly take care of a cracked tree before it causes any irreversible damage.

Threatening Trees

As in the case of cracked trunks and limbs, threatening trees should be handled before they have the chance to fall. You may notice that certain trees are too close to your home, or that there is a weak, or possibly dead, tree in the yard. Other warning signs include trees that lean over the roof or grow against windows. Our experienced tree removal experts will carefully remove any and all trees in question, one branch at a time, in order to remove any precarious hazards to your home.

Our team of skilled professionals are trained and ISA certified, making us more than equipped to handle your fallen tree emergency. We work carefully and efficiently, and we are dedicated to keeping you and your family safe from any additional damage. Contact us today at 888.520.2085 to set up a free consultation or to request our emergency same-day services.

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