Emergency Tree Removal in Monroe

Residents of Monroe know a thing or two about wild winter storms. When the clouds gather and wind picks up, homeowners know exactly how prepare for power outages and the possibility of flooding. Unfortunately, one of the most common side effects to a Northwest storm is fallen trees, and tree removal may be required immediately after the wind subsides. At Precision Tree Service, we specialize in emergency tree removal, and we’re ready and equipped for any tree damage a windstorm might throw at you.

Emergency Tree Removal Monroe

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Our emergency tree removal services are safe, efficient, and offered on the same day that you call. We understand the stress that comes with post-storm clean up, and our highest priority is to keep you and your family safe as we remove the fallen tree or branches. Having served Snohomish County for over 25 years, our skilled staff knows exactly how to deal with emergency situations carefully and quickly.

Fallen Tree/Limb Removal

One of the most common and most dangerous post-storm issues we handle is fallen trees. Once the wind has done its work, it’s difficult to tell whether or not the tree will shift, especially if the truck is cracked. If this happens, it may cause additional damage to your home and property. Our tree removal experts are trained to remove the debris without allowing any further damage, no matter how the tree or branches have landed.

Cracked Trees

While fallen trees are more likely to cause damage during the storm, trees that are cracked have the potential to fall at a later time. In fact, a crack in the trunk or major limbs will compromise the structural integrity of the entire tree, causing the tree to possibly fall unexpectedly, regardless of the current weather. Only professionals with experience in this field can properly assess the damage and determine whether or not the tree poses a threat to your home. If we deem it a risk, we will remove the tree with great precaution, ensuring that your family is not put in any danger.

If you step outside the day after a windstorm and you notice deep cracks in one or several of your trees, consider calling us for a free consultation. We will come to your property, analyze the trees and their surrounding area, and provide guidance regarding when or if the tree should be removed. Always remember that prevention is better than repair—removing a dangerous tree today may prevent damage tomorrow.

Threatening Trees

You may notice certain trees on your property that are a little too close for comfort. They may be growing over the roof and against windows, or they may be structurally weak. Other examples include trees that are dead, trees showing signs of cracks, or large branches that are at risk of falling. If you are concerned about the state of one of your trees, our team of ISA-certified tree removal experts are well trained and equipped to serve you. Our work is quick and safe, and we are careful to prevent any further damage from happening to your home and property.

Contact us today at 888.520.2085 for a free consultation or to request our emergency tree removal services.