Danger Tree Removal Services in Snohomish, WA

The Pacific Northwest doesn’t have much to talk about in the way of thunderstorms or tornadoes, but we can see some truly devastating wind storm damage, especially in the late fall months. Emergency tree removal services can be required any time of the year, however, and the people at Precision Tree Service are exactly the right ones to call.

Emergency Tree Removal & Cutting Service Company Snohomish, WA

We offer same-day emergency tree removal services for homeowners that have urgent tree care needs. We’ve been taking care of emergency tree removals throughout Snohomish County for over 25 years, and we have extensive experience as well as highly trained staff to deal with emergency issues. We are always available for emergency tree removal services, and unlike many competitors, we can handle almost any insurance claim processes.

Fallen Tree/ Limb Removal

Fallen trees are some of the most dangerous trees to handle. Their broken trunks can shift unpredictably, at times causing further damage to your home or property. Caution and safety is our first priority when removing fallen trees. When we go in, no matter how or where the tree or tree limbs have fallen, and with our experienced crews, we can remove the debris and keep the damage to your property at a minimum.

Cracked Trees

Cracked trees are difficult and extraordinarily dangerous. Cracked trees can fall at any time, and they don’t always wait for a rain shower or windstorm to suddenly drop. Their damaged inner structure places stress in places that only experienced professionals can recognize or predict. We take great care in making certain that the tree will not damage your property as we remove it, and extensive safety precautions.

If you see any trees on your property that show deep cracks in the trunk or on any major limbs, you should consider calling us in for a free consultation. We can provide guidance as to whether or not the cracked limbs or trunk pose any threat and when they should be dealt with. Preventing damage to property is always preferable to cleaning up and repairing damage that could have been prevented with some foresight.

Threatening Trees

Sometimes, especially during fall and winter, many people realize that some their trees are a little too close for comfort, threatening to do severe damage to their homes. Examples are trees that have grown above the home or buildings, limbs that lean in close to windows, or trees that are showing cracks or displaying signs of old age.

But don’t worry—these trees are no problem for us. We carefully remove the tree, one branch at a time, to make certain that the tree won’t suddenly drop a limb or fall on your home.

Our team of trained ISA certified tree removal professionals are more than adequately equipped to take care of any emergency tree service that you may require. Our work is efficient and safe, as we take care to protect your home and your property from any additional damage.

Contact our office to set up a free consultation or to request our emergency same-day tree removal services.

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