Emergency Tree Removal in Sedro-Wooley

The Sedro-Wooley area is often exposed to intense and catastrophic wind storms. These storms put intense strain on local trees, resulting in broken limbs or fallen trees lying across roads, power lines, or rooftops.


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At Precision Tree Services, we provide emergency tree removal services throughout Skagit County, including the Sedro-Wooley area. Our professional team is experienced and educated on how to handle both standard and difficult tree removal situations. Our emergency removal services can be contacted in the following instances:

Fallen Limb and Tree Removal

While healthy and strong, the weight of the tree limbs are supported at its base. Once a tree limb has broken off or the tree becomes uprooted, working on or around the tree is made dangerous and difficult because the broken trunk can shift at any given moment. Our team’s number one priorities are safety and efficiency. We work strategically and carefully to remove this threat from your property and prevent further damage.

Threatening Trees

Some trees are located in an area that threatens the safety of your home or property. Examples of threatening trees include aged or weak trees, trees that have outgrown an owner’s property, or has grown too close to a building, power lines, or road. Our tree removal services can help you analyze the situation and determine the best way to eliminate the threat. Sometimes this is simply trimming or pruning the tree, or could entail complete tree removal.

Cracked Trees

Many trees in Sedro-Wooley can develop large, gaping cracks in them. While they may seem insignificant, they indicate that the tree has experienced internal rot and disease.

Removing a tree with significant cracks in it is a task recommended for the professionals. The damaged internal structure can place stress on unusual parts of a tree — parts that only an experienced arborist could identify. Our team of educated and trained arborists can remove the delicate tree while maintaining appropriate safety precautions.

About Precision Tree Services

For many years, Precision Tree Services has provided emergency tree services throughout the Sedro-Wooley area. Our staff are ISA certified and trained to handle emergency situations in a safe and efficient fashion. Our extensive experience and training have equipped us to render services that protect your home and property from further harm.

To contact our emergency tree removal service team, call us directly at (888)741-5020. For more information about our standard services, give us a call or fill out our contact form.

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