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The Pacific Northwest may not have the thunderstorms or tornadoes of the Midwest and the South or the cyclones and hurricanes of the Southern coastal states, but what we make up for this with truly incredible windstorms. At Precision Tree, we annually see the devastation brought about by these powerful winds, especially during the early spring and late autumn months. Our Arlington area emergency tree removal services offer residents a safe, quick, and dependable solution to fallen, cracked, or threatening trees on their property.


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We offer same-day emergency tree removal services for homeowners in Arlington and the surrounding areas that have urgent tree care needs. This can include fallen trees on property or on roads, dangerous hanging limbs, cracked trunks and limbs, and more.

We’ve been taking care of emergency tree removal needs for our neighbors throughout Snohomish County for more than 25 years. Our well-trained staff are calm, collected, and responsible when dealing with emergency situations, and we always keep our customers best interests in mind. We are always available for emergency tree removal services, and unlike many competitors, we can handle almost any insurance claim processes.

Fallen Tree/ Limb Removal

Fallen trees are dangerous and often difficult to remove. Broken trunks and cracking limbs can shift unpredictably, causing further damage to your home or to those attempting to remove the tree. Caution and safety is always our top priority when dealing with fallen trees.

When we arrive, we will thoroughly assess the positioning of the tree, it’s location on your property, and any further damage that could potentially result from improper tree removal. Then we begin to remove the tree, taking care to ensure that your property receives as little damage as possible. Our experienced crews are able to navigate even the most difficult tree removal situations responsibly and rapidly. We remove the tree and the debris, keeping the harm to your property at a minimum.

Cracked Trees

Cracked trees are a common result from high winds. Older, brittle trees are more likely to develop cracks, as they’ve lost their lithe core. This makes cracked trees incredibly dangerous. These trees can fall at any time — they don’t always wait for another rain shower or windstorm to do so. The damaged inner structure puts stress on areas of the tree that are unable to bear the weight. This makes them more likely to fall unpredictably and suddenly. Only trained professionals are able to recognize these danger areas.

At Precision Tree, our emergency tree removal teams take great care to ensure that removal of the cracked tree will not cause further damage to your property. Our extensive safety precautions are to ensure the safety of our crew, your home, and all nearby structures on your property.

You can recognize these trees by looking for deep crack in the trunk, usually at eye level or higher. Also check for cracks on limbs of the tree. These signs indicate that your tree may pose a threat and should be looked at by a tree care professional. It is always to your advantage to prevent unnecessary damage to your property!

Threatening Trees

Threatening trees are those that are showing signs of age, decay, or disease. These trees typically have weakened trunks and limbs or are trees that have grown too close the home or buildings. These trees are more likely to fall during a storm or windy weather, posing a threat to your family, employees, or buildings. Trees that are a danger to your property should be looked at by a trained arborist or tree care professional.

Our team of trained tree removal experts can quickly and carefully remove or prune these threatening trees in a way that does no damage to surrounding buildings, cars, or people. This small investment can save you a lot of money in repairs!

Our team of trained ISA certified tree removal professionals in Arlington are more than adequately equipped to take care of any emergency tree service that you may require. Our work is efficient and safe, as we take care to protect your home and your property from any additional damage.

Contact our office to set up a free consultation, or request our emergency same-day tree removal services by calling (360) 209-1373.

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