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The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful areas in the United States, and, for most of the year, inhabitants enjoy balmy weather and gentle showers. But while we don’t suffer tornadoes, severe storms, and other types of violent weather, we do get windstorms. These severe storms can cause significant damage and can be truly devastating to property owners throughout Everett, especially during the late fall months.



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We offer same-day emergency tree removal services for all homeowners in the Everett area that have urgent tree removal needs. Our tree care specialists have extensive experience and are timely, reliable, and responsible.

We’ve been offering tree care services to our neighbors in the Greater Seattle area for over 25 years. We are always available for emergency tree removal services, and, unlike many of our competitors, we can handle almost all insurance claims processes as a part of our comprehensive services.

Fallen Tree and Limb Removal

Fallen trees can be extremely dangerous to remove, especially those which have fallen on buildings, vehicles, or other trees. Broken trunks and limbs can shift unpredictably, causing further damage to your property. Our emergency tree removal specialists are always extremely careful to remove the tree in a way that does not cause further damage. Sometimes this means removing only one limb at a time.

Caution and safety are always our top priorities when removing a fallen tree! At Precision Tree, no matter where or how the tree has fallen, our experienced crews can remove the tree and any debris, keeping everyone safe and all property damage to a minimum.

Cracked Tree Removal

Cracked trees are a common result of severe windstorms in Everett. Even if you were lucky enough to avoid having a tree fall, you may still have a dangerous situation on your hands that can cause significant damage if not attended to. Our arborists recommend that all homeowners examine their trees, especially older trees,  following severe storms for cracks or signs of strain. Most cracks will appear along the trunk or down large limbs.

Cracked trees can fall at any time — they don’t always wait until the next windstorm! It is important to have a certified tree care professional examine any potentially dangerous trees that are located near roads, homes, or where children or livestock may be present.

Cracks in a tree, especially the trunk, can place stress on areas of the tree that were not designed to be load-bearing. This makes the removal of the tree more difficult and dangerous, as these trees can snap or fall suddenly. We take great care during our emergency tree removal process to ensure that the tree will not damage your property as we remove it.

If you see any trees on your property that show signs of cracking or strain, consider calling us for a free consultation. We will offer our professional guidance as to whether the tree poses a threat to your home and property and when it should be dealt with. Damage prevention is always preferable!

Threatening Tree Removal

Oftentimes after a large storm, homeowners become aware of trees that pose a possible hazard to their home or property. Trees that lean close to buildings, especially those with windows, can be a risk to your property. Other types of threatening trees include those that are showing signs of age (loss of leaves or deadened branches), decay (rot in the truck on main limbs), or disease (signs of bugs or other pestilential diseases).

If you feel that you may have a threatening tree on your property, we recommend that you call in one of our tree care professional for a free consultation. We will examine your trees and advise you of the risks it presents. If necessary, we can remove the tree immediately.

Learn More About Our Everett Emergency Tree Removal Services

Our team of trained ISA certified tree removal professionals are more than adequately equipped to take care of any emergency tree service that you may require. Our crews are efficient and safe as we take care to protect your home and your property from any additional damage.

Contact our office to set up a free consultation or to request our emergency same-day tree removal services in Everett.

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