Emergency Tree Removal Snohomish

When it comes to wild weather, the Snohomish area has experienced many notable storms. As dark clouds gather in late fall and winter months, the threat of devastating flooding and wind damage looms. Residents know all too well how long the cleanup effort takes to return things to normal. At Precision Tree Service, we provide same-day emergency tree removal that helps homeowners efficiently and safely clean up after a storm.

emergency tree removal snohomish

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Our team of tree removal experts have been assisting homeowners in Snohomish for over 25 years. We’ve used that experience to deal with a long list of fallen tree and branch issues without causing further damage to the home or property. Whether you’re looking at a cracked branch or a large fallen tree, we can effectively remove it, enabling you and your family to rest safely.

Fallen Tree/Limb Removal

When a particularly nasty storm blows in and a tree is knocked completely over, the situation can be quite dangerous. If the trunk was broken during the fall, it can shift without warning, potentially harming your home further. Our highest priority in this situation is safety, for you and your property. Our team will use the utmost caution when approaching the tree. No matter how the tree or limbs have fallen, our knowledgeable tree removal experts will know exactly how to remove the debris and prevent any additional damage.

Cracked Trees

In certain situations, the tree doesn’t fall, but the wind still damages the trunk or branches. Large cracks may appear in a tree, threatening to fall at any moment. And despite what some may think, a cracked tree does not always wait for another wind or rain storm to drop. Often, the inner structure is damaged, weakening the entire tree and putting extra stress in unknown places. Only seasoned professionals can recognize the warning signs and accurately predict when and how the tree might fall.

Homeowners should always check their trees after a storm for cracks. If you see any serious damage on the trunk or major limbs, consider calling our team for a free consultation. We will come to your home and provide guidance regarding the next step. In some cases, the tree will be just fine. In others cases, we will recommend an emergency tree removal to protect your home and family. Preventing harm is always better than dealing with the unfortunate event of an unexpected falling tree or limb.

Threatening Trees

It’s important to note that a tree doesn’t need to be hit by a major storm to pose a threat. Some trees are simply old, or they have been weakened by windstorms in the past. Or, a tree could be too close for comfort, leaning or extending precariously close to your roof or windows. If you inspect your property and find this to be true of your trees, give us a call and we can help. We will remove the tree one branch at a time, making sure that your home remains safe and undamaged during the whole process.

At Precision Tree Service, our crew of ISA certified tree removal experts are ready and equipped to handle any tree emergency that you have. We work efficiently and with caution, fully aware of our surroundings and any ways that the tree could potentially cause harm. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation or to request our Snohomish tree removal services.