Lot Clearing in Burlington

Lot Clearing in Burlington

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Lot clearing services in Burlington can help you remove unwanted soil, trees, and greenery from a piece of land in your property. The purpose of lot clearing is to make way for new buildings or garden extensions, or simply to clear more space and create an appealing visual effect. Our professional team at Precision Tree Service is equipped with the right machinery, skills, and experience to perform a safe and effective clearing project.

Burlington Lot Clearing Process

The first step we take in every lot clearing project is meeting with our customers. We go over exactly how much land they need cleared and what they want removed. Our lot clearing services in Burlington include stump removal, brush removal, and tree cutting. Our professional team also help you decide what to do with the remaining debris. We can either chip the debris for garden mulch, cut up larger trees and branches for firewood, or just remove it all from your property.

Once we go over all the details, our trained professionals can get to work. Our crew is able to safely and efficiently remove all unwanted trees and brush, leaving a clean, leveled area as a result.

Lot clearing can be a dangerous task, so it’s vital for our team to have the right amount of space and time to complete the job in a safe and controlled manner. We are licensed, bonded and insured, so our highest priority is to ensure that your property is always handled carefully and professionally.


Lot Clearing Costs in Burlington

The cost of clearing your property depends entirely on the size of your property and the number of plants, stumps, and trees that need to be removed. At Precision Tree Service, we also consider the safety of the work environment created by the surrounding landscape and property as additional risk factors. To get an accurate, free estimate for your lot clearing project in Burlington, fill out our online contact form.

At Precision Tree Service, we offer expert lot clearing services in Burlington at affordable rates. Our lot clearing services are available in Burlington and surrounding areas, as well as throughout Skagit and Snohomish Counties. Call us now at 888.790.7464 or fill out our online contact form today.