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With yard renovations and home improvements abounding in the Everett area, many property owners are finding that without clearing portions of their land, plans cannot proceed. At Precision Tree Services, our lot clearing team has the experience and training to solve this dilemma.

Simply put, lot clearing is the process of removing trees, bushes, soil, or other greenery from a piece of land to create room for gardens, sheds, and more. In addition to making space for improvement projects, lot clearing includes the following benefits:

  • Invasive species removal and pest control
  • Lowering ground pressure
  • Removing wild greenery that may compete with planted trees and grass
  • Stump, dead branch, and yard debris removal
  • Eliminating roots just under the surface that may get in the way of gardening and/or building structures

The experienced team at Precision Tree Services have managed hundreds of lot clearing projects throughout the Everett area. Using proper equipment and training, we are able to complete the job safely, quickly, and at an affordable rate.

Why Get Professional Lot Clearing Services?

Despite what some property owners may think, clearing the land is not just a matter of tearing out unwanted bushes and stumps. When our lot clearing experts approach a job, they build a concrete strategy in order to minimize impact to the land and ensure that plants do not grow back in the future. In some situations, dangerous tree removal may be required, and only an experienced team of arborists can do it safely and efficiently.   

When our team is finished clearing your property, you will have an empty space ready for any building, garden, or yard project you have planned.

Everett Lot Clearing Process

Before we begin any lot clearing project, we first sit down with the customer and discuss their vision. We are sure to fully understand what you, the property owner, want from the lot clearing process, and we always mark any trees or sections that you want protected. We will discuss the different services we provide, including brush, stump, and tree removal. Also, we will determine the plan for any remaining debris, such as chipping trees for mulch, chopping wood for your fire, or completely removing it all from your land.

After confirming the plan and outlining the time it will take, we will give you an honest estimate of the costs and begin the process. Many lot clearing situations can be dangerous, so our skilled team is careful to complete the task cautiously and safely. Your home and property is our highest priority, and we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to guarantee a secure and professional service.  

Everett Lot Clearing Costs

Lot clearing fluctuates in price according to the size of the land needing to be cleared, as well as the various tasks that will take place during the process. We provide free and honest estimates after inspecting the property and discussing the constraints of the lot clearing project. For smaller or simple projects, we may be able to provide an estimate over a phone call. To get an idea of how much your project may cost, fill out our free estimate form.

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At Precision Tree Services, our goal is to give Everett property owners the most efficient, safe, and dependable lot clearing services on the market. We are deeply connected to our local community and that means our priority is providing the best services at affordable rates. For more information on our lot clearing service team, contact us today.

lot clearing Everett WA