Lynnwood Lot Clearing Services

Property in the Lynnwood area is becoming increasingly valuable as Seattle continues to grow. Many families and businesses are looking for locations within the Lynnwood area, but only have uncleared lots to choose from.

This is where Precision Tree Services can be of help. Our experienced lot clearing crews can clear out your property to make way for new buildings, gardens, or lawns.

Lynnwood Lot Clearing Services

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Lynnwood Lot Clearing

Lot clearing is the process of clearing away unwanted trees, shrubs, grasses, and soil from your property in order to make way for new developments. The following are additional benefits of quality lot clearing services:

  1. Invasive species control (morning glory, horse-tail, briar and blackberry bushes, etc)
  2. Low ground pressure to prevent compacted soil
  3. Sapling removal to eliminate competition for new tree species
  4. Dangerous diseased and aged tree removal
  5. Stump removal
  6. Tree root removal without damaging feeder roots of other trees

The Importance of Professional Lot Clearing

Lot clearing can be a difficult and sometimes dangerous task. Properties located on steep inclines, near sewer or water pipes or electric lines, and those properties with hazardous plant growth should be handled with care. Even those properties with straight-forward lot clearing needs require the right skills and equipment in order to get the job done right.

This is exactly what our crew at Precision Tree Services offers our Lynnwood customers. Our professionals are able to tackle your Lynnwood property with minimal effect to your property. We grind down stumps, remove dead and/or dying trees, and remove brush and shrubs to leave a clear, useable area.

Our thorough, experienced workmanship ensures no shallow roots are left behind that could make construction or further work to your property slow or more difficult. We pride ourselves on offering a clean slate to our clients that offers the freedom needed in order to use the property as they desire.

Lynnwood Lot Clearing Process

When a client calls us to learn more about our lot clearing services, we always start with a trip to your Lynnwood area property. We’ll walk the land with you and discuss how much area you want cleared, what trees and types of brush should be removed, and if any soil needs to be levelled or removed as well. Our services include brush removal, tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, stump removal, and levelling.

We also discuss with you what you’d like done with the remaining debris. Our crews are able to remove it all, or we can chip the brush for mulch or cut up the trees into firewood. We believe that nothing needs to go to waste!

Once we’ve established the details of the project, our lot clearing crew can begin their work. In order to ensure that they work safely and protect the property, some initial procedures to ensure a secure area will occur first. This may include creating a safe route to get to the property, removing hazardous trees, or other cautionary measures.

Our highest priority is the safety of our team and your property. Because of this, we are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Lynnwood Lot Clearing Costs

The cost of your lot clearing project will vary according to the scope of the requests as well as the location of the property. For example, areas that are difficult to access, such as those on steep hills, may require more careful positioning and a longer period of time to complete.

When our arborists meet with you to discuss your project, they will give you an estimate of what they believe will be the total cost of the project. We do our best to make your project cost as close to your quoted cost as possible. To learn how much your lot clearing project might cost, complete our form for a free estimate.

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At Precision Tree Services, we love providing quality services to our neighbors in Lynnwood and the surrounding areas. We’re confident that our cutting edge equipment, years of experience, and skills will give our clients the best lot clearing services at the most reasonable rates.

We offer our lot clearing services throughout Skagit and Snohomish County. Please contact our team for more information.