Monroe Lot Clearing Services

As the Greater Seattle area continues to grow, more families and businesses are moving into Monroe. This rapidly growing city has suddenly found a lack of cleared property — something that our crew at Precision Tree Services has all the skills and knowledge to rectify.

Monroe Lot Clearing Services

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Lot clearing is a service that removes unwanted greenery, trees, grasses, and soil from property in order to make way for buildings, lawns, gardens, or simply cleared space. Other valuable benefits of lot clearing include:

  • Invasive species control
  • Low ground pressure
  • Eliminated competition for desirable trees and shrub species
  • Removal of stumps and other debris
  • Removal of surface level roots that may impede construction or hinder gardening without damaging other trees

At Precision Tree Services, our team has the knowledge, equipment, and experience that ensures your Monroe lot clearing services are performed safely, efficiently, and at a reasonable rate.

Why Get Professional Lot Clearing Services?

Clearing your property of unwanted trees, brush, and stumps isn’t simply a matter of cutting down, hacking apart, and bulldozing. Instead, it is a complex process. Professionals know how to strategically tackle your property’s lot clearing project with minimal impact to the property. Some plants may need to be carefully uprooted in order to ensure they don’t grow back, while large trees may require careful tree removal services from an experienced crew.

Our thorough, experienced crews provide our clients with a property that is a blank canvas for future projects, offering the freedom to complete projects rapidly and confidently.

Monroe Lot Clearing Process

At Precision Tree, we meet with our clients to walk over their Monroe property. We will carefully assess the areas and trees that you want cleared, marking any trees or areas that need to be protected. We’ll discuss our various lot clearing services, such as brush removal, tree removal, and stump removal with you, as well as what you would like done with the remaining debris. Larger trees can be chipped for mulch or cut into firewood pieces, or all debris can be entirely removed from the property.

Once we’ve established a plan and timeline for the project, as well as given you an estimate of the costs, our team can go to work. Because lot clearing can be a dangerous project, we are careful to proceed with caution and care. Our highest priority is that our team and your property is safe at all times. Because we value this so highly, we are licensed, bonded, and insured for your confidence and security.


Monroe Lot Clearing Costs

The cost of your Monroe lot clearing project will vary according to the size of your property that needs to be cleared, as well as its accessibility and the types of trees and brushes being removed. We offer all of our clients free estimates as we walk their property with them or, for smaller projects, may offer an estimate over the phone. To learn how much your lot clearing project may cost, complete our form and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.

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At Precision Tree Services, our top priority is to provide excellent, professional, honest lot clearing services for our neighbors in Monroe, WA. As a local family-run business, we want to offer our best to our local communities, and to us that means great services in a safe environment at affordable rates.

We offer lot clearing services throughout Snohomish county, Skagit county, and in surrounding areas. Feel free to contact us for more information.