Shrub and Bush Pruning in Snohomish And Skagit County

shrub-pruning-bush-pruning-services-snohomish-countyDo you have some shrubs that are beginning to look a little bedraggled? Winter and spring are the months for you to take a hard look at your shrubbery. Unkempt bushes and shrubs decreases curb value and the overall appearance of your home.

Luckily, our tree care services also extend to those smaller aspects of your lawn – bushes and shrubs — as well as tree removal and tree pruning. We can take care of any type of pruning needs, no matter the height or location.

Our Pruning Services:

Before we begin services, we will meet with you to discuss what shrubs you would like tended to. Together, we will ascertain which shrubs to prune and to what extent they will require trimming. As with trees, some shrubs require pruning of certain branches and limbs to help them grow more healthy as well as more beautifully.

When pruning shrubs, we use powerful handheld trimmers, as well as pole saw and hand-clippers. All of our equipment is well-maintained and sharp, so that with each snip there is a good clean break. Dull blades can damage the tree, leaving rough or torn off limbs and leaves.

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As we prune, we may;

  • Try to correct any previous poor pruning
  • Remove deadwood within the bushes and shrubs
  • If desired, raise the crown of the shrub to allow more space beneath it
  • Lower the height of the shrub by selective trimming
  • Thin the shrub to allow more airflow and allow for improved growth and future thickness

For difficult jobs that are in high areas or awkward positions, we may use a bucket truck to more easily and carefully trim these brushes. Tall ladders will be used in areas in which we are unable to get machinery to.

Our Services:

Our Tree Care Professionals:

Our tree care professionals make sure that the results of our pruning services are always sharp and beautiful hedges that increase the curb appeal of the property, and leave you happier with your lawn. Our team knows all the secrets to successful pruning, including how to best prune each shrub variety, including pruning evergreen shrubs and pruning shrub roses.

Improper pruning can permanently damage shrubs, so it is important to contact professionals for your pruning needs. Shrubs that are overpruned or have limbs important to the structure of the brush removed may never recover and may even die.

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