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Tree cabling is an incredibly important method of enhancing the integrity of a damaged or aged tree’s structure. If a tree was crippled in its past by lightning or another type of accident, the tree can develop a double stem rather than a single trunk.


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Trees that develop two co-dominant stems can be dangerous, especially if they form a ‘V’ as bark grows around each stem, creating a very weak structure. In our experience as tree experts, it’s a given that a tree with these unfortunate characteristics will eventually develop structural problems as the tree continues to age, exposing it to the danger of further damage in storms or high winds. Broken or fallen trees also pose a threat of damage to your property.

What is Tree Cabling?

Tree cabling is the process of securing cables around a tree in a way that keeps it structurally sound. This will remove any imminent danger that the tree, or part of it, might structurally fail and fall to the ground, resulting in damage to buildings, homes, power lines, people, or animals near the scene.

Old tree cabling methods often concerned homeowners because they involved cutting into the tree or damaging the tree in other ways. However, at Precision Tree Service, we use a technique known as the ‘Dynamic Tree Cabling System’ in order to ensure that no damage is done to the tree in the process of cabling.

The Dynamic Tree Cabling System:tree-cabling-services-skagit-snohomish-county

The dynamic cabling system actually helps strengthen trees more effectively than did the old tree cabling methods. We use nylon straps that go around the trunk of the tree (allowing for two or more trunks). The straps are specially designed to handle the stress of stretching due to tree movement, and they are able to cradle the tree in order to help it grow naturally, without making any cuts or holes that might weaken the tree further. A quality cabling system will add years of life to a two-stem tree.

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