If you enjoy taking care of your yard and want to make sure that it looks great year round, you know how valuable it is to keep your trees healthy. Many of us tend to take great care of our lawns during the warmer months of the year, and then neglect our lawns, shrubs, and trees when late fall and winter time comes around. That can often lead to huge losses in the health of our trees throughout the colder months of the year.

Tree Maintenance Tips

Tree Maintenance Tips For Year-Round Beauty

Thankfully, with proper tree maintenance, there are some ways that you can keep your trees healthy through the winter so that they will look amazing on the first day of spring. All you really need are a few helpful tree maintenance tips that you can use to keep your outdoors looking great, all year long.

1. Tree Trimming

One of the first and most important ways that you can make sure that your trees stay healthy year round is to trim tree limbs regularly. Maintaining your tree with trimming serves several important health purposes for your tree. Trimming off dead branches from your tree leaves room for healthy branches to grow. Secondly, overgrown branches can be a danger to your home. Finally, leaving dead branches on your tree leaves it vulnerable to insects and diseases.

2. Tree Maintenance

While trimming is a part of maintaining your tree, hiring professionals to perform regular maintenance on your trees is another great way to keep them healthy. It’s always great to keep your trees trimmed and maintain water levels, but hiring a team of experts to come to your home once or twice a year is a great way to keep your trees healthy and looking great.

3. Soil Testing

If you are finding that your trees are looking a little droopy and sickly, the soil could be the problem. In order to keep in good health your tree needs healthy soil with the proper pH levels and mineral concentration. Make sure that you are maintaining your tree by testing the soil near it to make sure that it’s rich enough for the life and longevity of your tree.

4. Watering Your Trees

Making sure that your trees have plenty of water is another great way to make sure that your tree is healthy and growing strong. The general rule of thumb is that for every inch of a tree’s diameter, your tree will need ten gallons of water. The most critical time to make sure that your tree gets enough water is in the initial growth stages when the tree is young, and you will find that older trees need less water to stay healthy.

5. Mulching

Many people think that mulch is just something decorative that we throw on our lawn to make it look pretty. However, mulch is incredibly valuable to the health of our trees. Mulch not only helps retain water for your trees to utilize, it also helps regulate temperature change during the transition from cool seasons to warm seasons and warmer days to cooler nights. Mulch provides needed shelter and water for your tree to stay healthy.

6. Watching Out for Pests

There are few things more detrimental to the life of your tree than the accumulation of pests or the development of diseases. If you weren’t already aware, your trees can get sick with the infestation of pests or the growth of fungus. Keep an eye on your trees to see if they start to develop any kind of spots or abnormal growth – if so, your tree could be in danger. The good news is that there are some good fungicides that you can use to get rid of growths on your tree.

If you notice that you have an insect infestation, you can also use pest control formulas that are safe for your tree. If you are worried that the insect infestation or the fungal growth may be beyond your expertise, make sure that you call an expert as soon as possible so that they can come out and treat your tree.

7. Getting Your Lawn Prepped for Winter

If you want to properly maintain your trees, you need to make sure to have them prepped for winter. Harsh winters can be brutal on trees and cause damage, inhibit growth, and even destroy the health of your trees. One way that you can protect your trees from cold weather and frost is by making sure you cover your tree with a tarp before a frost. You can also add a layer of fertilizer to your trees to make sure that they don’t lose their seeds or nutrients.


Ensuring Your Trees Look Great

Consulting a professional is the best course of action if you are not sure how to maintain the trees on your property. An expert in tree maintenance can examine your trees and do what needs to be done to keep your trees attractive and healthy. Our team here at Precision Tree Serice is highly trained in proper tree maintenance and is happy to serve the greater Skagit County.

Have a question about tree health or need help with your tree care? Feel free to contact us today.


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