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Before hiring a tree pruning company, you should understand why exactly pruning is necessary and why it’s vital that the pruning is done correctly. At Precision Tree Service, we see three main reasons behind the importance of pruning—aesthetics, safety, and tree health. Any time we prune a tree, it is usually for one or more of these reasons, and our experienced arborists know exactly how to shape your trees into healthy and attractive centerpieces of your property.

  • Aesthetics: Pruning removes ugly branches or out of place limbs that may take away from the manicured look you want. If a limb has cracked or died, or if a tree’s crown is out of control, pruning will return the entire tree to a natural, healthy appearance.
  • Safety: Even if the tree is young and green, individual limbs can die or crack. This poses a safety hazard for anyone spending time beneath the weakened branch, and if it falls on a family member or friend, serious injuries could very easily occur. In some cases, if the tree hangs over a road or sidewalk, an injured passerby may be able to sue. Furthermore, dead limbs are prone to fall during windstorms and land on vehicles, fences, power lines, and even homes.
  • Health: Trees need as much attention and maintenance as yard greenery. Pruning methods like crown thinning helps to improve airflow and decreases wind stress during a storm. As a result, the limbs aren’t forced to cross or rub together, and they more likely to remain strong, unbroken, and free of disease. Those limbs that do show signs of cracks or disease will be among those we prune.

Professional Tree Pruning

Now that you know why tree pruning is integral to the look, safety, and health of your trees, it’s a good idea to understand how expert tree surgeons go about their work. Professional tree pruning services have the experience necessary to be efficient and precise while pruning. Our team is trained to be careful not to damage non-targeted limbs or weaken the tree, and we use processes and tools to ensure your trees’ safety. When our arborists arrive at your home, there are several methods of tree pruning, the most common of which are crown reduction and crown raising.

Crown/Skirt Raising

Tree crown raising, also known as skirt raising, is a tree pruning process through which we eliminate low hanging branches that are causing issues. Maybe your view is being block, or perhaps the branches are hitting cars in your driveway. Whatever the problem, you probably don’t want to cut down an entire tree for visibility or one parking space. That’s when we come in and expertly remove those low branches, keeping the tree looking natural and even improving its aesthetic value. After all, low hanging branches may make it tough to mow the lawn, giving the yard a cluttered appearance. Crown raising is simply a way to make your life easier and improve the look of your property.

While crown raising is relatively affordable and totally healthy for your trees, it must be done correctly. Our professional arborists know exactly how many branches to trim for the crown to be raised in a way that doesn’t weaken the tree. Also, we know the natural shape of the tree, and we leave the finished product as beautiful as it is functional. For these reasons, we do not recommend DIY crown raising. The last thing any homeowner wants is a weakened and imbalanced tree, and they especially don’t want a cracked trunk.

Before we begin our work, we will meet with you and discuss what you want for the tree. Your satisfaction is the highest priority—it’s your yard after all! Once we have completed the job, we will remove all the pruned branches and debris.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is often needed by homeowners within city limits, where trees are an issue if they extend too close to power lines, structures, or they simply grow too tall. This process involves trimming the ends of branches throughout the tree, resulting in a natural and balanced appearance.

When requesting this service, many people confuse tree crowning and tree topping, or they may believe there is no difference at all. However, there is a lot that separates topping and crowning. Crown reduction, for example, involves a certified arborist evenly trimming branches the tree. He is careful not to affect the aesthetic appeal of the tree and knows exactly what it takes to reduce the size of the tree without damaging its natural beauty.

Tree topping is not such a precise process. Generally it involves removing the top of the tree by slicing through the actual trunk. Sure, topping might reduce the height pretty quickly, but it may seriously harm the health of your tree. In some cases, topping decreases the tree’s immunity to disease, resulting in its death. Our specialists are trained to perform tree crown reductions properly and efficiently. They have the experience and knowledge it takes to keep your tree healthy and looking great.

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At Precision Tree Services, it is our goal to help local homeowners create a beautiful, safe, and healthy yard to enjoy. Whether we are removing deadwood, thinning branches, raising the crown, or reducing the crown, our highest priority is the satisfaction of you and your family. For more information on our tree pruning services or to request a free quote, call 888.790.7464 today.

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